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Published on 1st September 2017

What To Do When Your Pet Is A Picky Eater

If you’ve ever had your pet give you or her food bowl the side eye, you know what it’s like to try to please a picky eater. First things first – make sure your pet is picky and not ill. If she’s losing weight, refusing water, too, and hasn’t eating in more than a day, head straight for the vet. Once you’ve confirmed that she’s simply an adorable little food snob, try these helpful methods for coaxing her appetite.

You might not be surprised to learn that the reason most pets refuse pet food isn’t because of appetite or taste. Most often, the reason is because of human behavior. Yep! Too many pets are overindulged with table scraps. Once they’ve had a taste of table scraps, it’s difficult to go back to either dry or canned pet food. Try limiting human food to occasional treats or rewards.

Most pets will happily eat the same food day in and day out with no complaints. If you find a brand you prefer, or if your vet recommends a food change, introduce the new food gradually. Try mixing it with your pet’s usual food in increasing amounts until your pet has adjusted to the new food.

Pets are smart. They’ll avoid anything that makes them feel less than their best. Make sure your pet’s food isn’t making her feel yucky. If a particular food upsets her tummy, lacks the proteins she needs, or simply doesn’t provide a well-balanced meal, she may turn her nose up at it. Try checking with your vet for the best food choice for your animal depending on her age, size, nutritional needs, and optimal weight.

Talk to your vet, coax your pet’s appetite with occasional treats, and treat mealtimes as strictly as you can. Place her food out, leave it for a half hour or so, and remove the dish whether she’s eaten or not. Eventually, she will eat. Eliminate her choices and make sure she’s in good health until her appetite picks up and her pickiness fades away. Trust us – your pet will thank you.